A new start

mountains and trees

For anyone who has been interested in some of the blogs I posted at the old version of http://britvsjapan.com/ (which is currently being updated into a nice looking new site) then you will be happy to know that I should be updating my blogs more frequently using this new sub domain (https://www.britvsjapan.com/) instead. I will move over some of my old posts as well.

My plan so far is to keep a running blog for any programming I do, e.g. source code and explanations as well as continuing my Japanese learning blog. These two will be a kinda of series in themselves. I also want to post useful tools, tips and advice for learning languages and programming, so stay tuned for those as well.

Also for anyone wondering, the main reason I moved over to WordPress is so that I can manage a blog a lot easier compared to the site I had built myself. WordPress, naturally, has a much better grip on things..

By Matthew Hawkins