Easy Language Learning – Steve Kaufmann

It is much easier to learn a language if you do things that are easy and fun in the language. Steve Kaufmann, from The Linguist, uploaded a nice video today on this topic and it is so simple, yet very important.

Remember KISS? Keep it simple stupid!

Make things easier for yourself! Why take 5 years to learn kanji with traditional methods when you could learn the meanings of them and start reading within 2 months with Heisig RTK?

Why study grammar rules when you could enjoy reading a book in the language?

Why translate sentences when you can watch a film in the language?

Do the things that are easy, because they are the things that will keep you going. You will enjoy it and want more. Once this happens you will become an unstoppable language learner.

Here is the video from Steve:

Thanks for reading.

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By Matthew Hawkins