Quick Update, Plans for the Blog + Trip to Japan

Hey guys! Long time no see! I just wanted to give a little heads up and make you guys aware of what’s happening with me and the blog.

Plans for this blog’s future

For the past few months I have been really busy with exams and stuff, hence the lack of activity and posts, but this blog has been getting a continuous stream of traffic which is pretty awesome. In fact, the blog has already reached over 120,000 visits which is crazy if you ask me (the posts here are trash, trust me, don’t read them). Still, thanks guys for giving it a read. I hope the information here is helping you all.

As there is obviously people interested in learning Japanese and also about AJATT, I feel like sharing my experiences could help a lot of people, so I will try to finish the “Japanese Diary” series as quickly as I can. They do take time though so bare with me (entry 7 is on the way).

I also have lots of other ideas for the blog such as, book reviews, reading lists, drama suggestions, motivational posts, method reviews,  posts in Japanese, breaking down parts of AJATT, making the process more efficient, my thoughts on why this all works, other stuff unrelated to language learning but that can help with life and stuff, translating these posts to Japanese etc. I also had ideas for other crazy stuff but I doubt I will ever get around to doing it.

I CBA to properly translate these posts so if I do get around to it I will just post rough translations that get the meaning across as it will be much easier and faster for me. E.g. “直訳したいのですが、意訳を作る方が効率的だと思いますので、投稿を大まかに翻訳したものを掲載していきたいと思っております。” (It isn’t exactly the same but it gets the meaning across). Of course, translating from English to Japanese as an English speaker is a bad idea and not recommended (Translators should always translate from their L2 to their L1). Therefore I will either get them translated by a native OR do it myself and get them checked by a native. I will mention whether it has been translated by me or someone else in case you are worried about reading the post, as if I do the translation then there’s a higher chance of mistakes popping up. I don’t actually know though when I will get around to doing this as I need to focus on German and my Japanese is getting progressively worse due to the lack of contact I am making with it. まあ適当にやるww俺は中途半端だからなw

Keeping this site up

Although the site is getting some decent traffic, the cost of running the site will increase a lot in the next 6 months so I have signed up to Amazon’s affiliate service. This just means that I can share related products via Amazon and thus gaining some money from the sales (around 4% ish). It isn’t much but it’s something that could help keep the site up. This won’t affect the content in any way, I will be dropping links everywhere and will only recommend products that I, or friends, use.

For the month I have been using it though, it hasn’t earned a single penny so I have also included a donate button if anyone feels like this content is worth keeping on the internet (lol sure).

I would like to get to a point where the blog sustains itself and I can write posts without worrying about the site going down in the future.


I’m off to Japan for a month over the summer holidays which I’m really looking forward to! It’s going to be pretty heavy on my expenses but I’m staying with my girlfriend so the only major cost is the flights (flights from England are insanely expensive though (ノ゚ο゚)ノ ). It’s the only opportunity I’m going to get to experience the country before I finish University so I figured “why not? YOLO am I right?!”. I plan to meet up with some friends and try to get some contacts in the Tech industry so if anyone knows people around Sapporo then let me know!

After Japan I will be back in England for a few days then straight off to Germany for a year of studying :0 I’m looking forward to them both but I feel Germany might be a bit of an experience (I still very much suck at German). Well, I hope to keep it all updated on here so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, see you in the next post,



By Matthew Hawkins

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