Affiliate Disclaimer

Here at I help language learners learn how to really acquire a language so they can get real results instead of being stuck in the never ending search for the “right method”.

Delivering this information requires time, commitment and money. I use a variety of sources of income, to compensate for the effort put into making this website.

One of those sources are affiliate links.

Affiliate Links

Occasionally when I recommend a product or service, I will link to the company’s website using a affiliate or referral link. Essentially, if you end up buying the product or service via my link then I will get a commission from the vendor as a small “thanks”.

Most of the time that commission is just a few cents or dollars; sometimes it can be a little more. Sometimes it’s a one off commission; sometimes its a continual commission (for example, if you signed up for a monthly subscription service I might get a sliver of the monthly fee).

Here’s the important thing though.

That referral doesn’t cost you a penny.

The entire commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket, and not yours.

I will also never recommend a product just because they pay out a commission as that would suck for you and eventually for me (my audience would very quickly lose respect for me).

So I’ll only recommend products or services that I’ve personally used or that are highly recommended by trusted peers.

As it is usually difficult to tell what links are affiliate links, the safest thing to assume is that anytime I link to a third-party product or service, I might get a small commission.

All good? Awesome!

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