Consultation Service Delivered via Email as an Audio/Video Response

You can get this via my Patreon:


Q. Is this a 1 on 1 Skype consultation?

A. No, the reason for this is that it allows me to charge a lower price as I’m able to record a response to you whenever I’m next available and we don’t have to go through the hoops of figuring out what day and time is best. I also work full-time outside of this so it would make it difficult to do 1 on 1 sessions right now.

Q. Do you answer language-specific questions e.g. about pitch accent or grammar?

A. No, this is strictly on language learning and acquisition for ANY language. I can’t give advice for specific grammar or pitch accents in Japanese, mainly because I’ve never formally studied them, and I definitely can’t give advice on any other languages. The advice and knowledge I can give are only on language acquisition and the processes/techniques to reach fluency!

Q. What happens after I buy?

A. You will receive a DM on Patreon with some questions. Fill out the questions and send your answers back and I will then respond to you with tailored advice to your situation via audio or a video within 2 weeks.