I Made A Patreon!

Hi guys, this is a quick update just to let you know that I decided to make a Patreon again. I made one a few months ago but I deleted it before really telling anyone about it as I didn’t quite feel right about asking people for money in order to support me and the site. I still feel a bit strange about using Patreon but I feel like it can be a good way to expand this site quicker by allowing me more time to work on blog posts/videos and thus help more people to learn languages quicker. That’s my goal after all.

After being through the process and seeing what works and what doesn’t, it pains me to see bad advice in the top 10 search results when you type in “how to learn languages”, and I want to try and change that. Of course, I don’t expect to be able to get on the front page of google for such a heavily searched keyword but I think that I can get a decent amount of people to this site and then hopefully point people in the right direction to where they need to be going. So yeah, if you think my content and this cause is worth supporting then please check out my Patreon where I will be putting up extra content as well as putting up normal content earlier.

Click here to support me on Patreon

Thanks for the continued support everyone! 🙂