Learning Japanese – 1 Year Update


Learning Japanese – 1 Year Update


Overview – 概要

Here is my 1 year update video/post.

After one year of learning Japanese via the AJATT Immersion Method I have made quite a bit of progress.

The video above explains most of the progress I’ve made but to sum it up and I’m at a high level, can read most material (I know about 95% of words, with about 5% unknown that I just skip over) and can understand and enjoy TV, Films, Anime and the News.

I am by no means fluent but I feel close and feel myself getting closer with each day.

Below are my Anki statistics which show my “study” history and where I’m at.

I’ve also included the amount of listening hours and how much I am in contact with the language per day to give an idea of how much work I have put into it.

Immersion – イマージョン

Immersion is a language learning method that involves being around the language as much as possible on a daily basis.

The logic of this method is simple and based on how babies learn languages.

The idea is that if you are getting language input all the time, eventually you will output it.

It is a very successful method that all learners that have become fluent in their second language have quite probably used.

My “immersion time” per day is about as follows:

  • Listening per day – ~22 hours
  • Reading per day – ~70 pages

The listening hours obviously include sleep hours but whether or not these help is hard to tell. There is no, as far as I’m aware, of any solid scientific data supporting it either way, however, getting listening hours before going to sleep and when waking up is a good boost if nothing else.

The reading is a little hard to judge so I’m basing this on a slight educated guess.

The total sum of 70 pages may not be just from books though, it is a rough estimate based on the number of sentences I see each day in my “immersion environment” which includes, manga, books, news, online articles, subtitles and sentence flashcards.

Kanji – 漢字

Here are the stats in English:

  • Mature: 2326
  • Young + Learning: 421
  • Suspended: 263
  • New: 0
  • Total Learnt: 2747

Sentences – 例文


Here are the stats in English:

  • Mature: 5210
  • Young + Learning: 1998
  • Suspended: 0
  • New: 2293
  • Total Learnt: 7208

Thanks for reading and watching!

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By Matthew Hawkins


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