The Ultimate List of Japanese Subreddits | Use Reddit to Learn Japanese!


Using Reddit to Learn Japanese

Are you trying to immerse in Japanese but find yourself using the English side of reddit everyday?

Have you already reached a high level of Japanese and want to expand your cultural knowledge?

Are you a beginner of Japanese, looking to dive straight into native content to speed up your learning?

Whatever your situation I highly recommend you make use of the Japanese threads that are available on reddit.

These subreddits are on a variety of different topics and they can give you a real insight into normal everyday Japanese and “internet Japanese”.

One thing to note though, Japanese don’t tend to use Reddit as much as the English side of the internet do.

In fact, reddit is pretty much dead in Japan. But even if it’s dead, you can still learn a lot from old posts in these subreddits.

This post is a great resource though as you will find a massive variety of Japanese sites that you would never have known about before, so I definitely recommend going through and taking a look at some of the subreddits here.

If you want a similar experience to reddit then the Japanese have a similar site, which is incredibly popular, called 2ちゃんねる which I also suggest checking out.

What is Reddit?

From wikipedia: “Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down that determines their position on the page.”

It is essentially a massive forum that contains content for just about an topic you can think of. Food, pets, books, games, meditation, literally anything!

It is an incredibly popular site that contains a lot of amazing high quality content, but most of it is in English and it is pretty difficult to find “subreddits” that are in another language besides English unless you already speak that language.

So today I have gathered as many subreddits that are written in (native) Japanese for you Japanese learners out there looking for native content to get your teeth immersed into.

I started writing this post ages ago and forgot about it. Some of the translations may not be accurate as I suck at translating between the two languages and because I translated a lot of this way before I reached fluency. I got the original list from some link I found on the Japanese side of the internet somewhere which I’ve since lost track of.

Please also note that I haven’t checked every single link either. There maybe some content in this list that you might not want to look at in front of your family members or at work, you have been warned. I’ve tried to remove most of the NSFW threads from the original list as possible but if you find any please tell me and I’ll remove them. 

So without further ado, here’s the list.

The Ultimate List of Japanese Subreddits (SFW)


/r/windowsphonejpWindows Phone Japan
/r/jisakupcHomemade PC’s
/r/raspberry_pi_jaRaspberry Pi


/r/RedditsHistory_jaHistory of Reddit
/r/chiebukuroReddit’s bag of wisdom
/r/jaJapanese version of reddit
/r/modclubhouse_jaA place for Moderator’s to gather
/r/nsrarchive_jpReddit archives
/r/Reddit_BeginnersHow to use reddit
/r/portal_jaReddit Japan Portal


/r/ScienceFiction_jaScience Fiction

Social Media

/r/Twetch9Tweeting Channel 9

Anime and Manga

/r/anikyar_jaIndividual anime characters
/r/anison_jpAnime songs
/r/chaos_dragonChaos Dragon
/r/charactorvoiceVoice Actors
/r/CharsenyouSub reddit dedicated to “Char”
/r/denpasongDenpa songs
/r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuJPRage Comic
/r/GJbuGJ Club
/r/lovelive_jaLove live
/r/lovelive_sunshine_jaLove live sunshine
/r/mylittlepony_jaMy little pony
/r/old_anime_jpNostalgic anime
/r/RobotanimeRobot Anime
/r/vablog_jaVoice actor blog updates
/r/wakeupgirls_jpWake Up, Girls!
/r/webcomic_jaPlace to post manga


/r/asciiart_jpASCII art
/r/bookmarks_jaURL Dumping Ground
/r/browsergame_jpBrowser Games
/r/css_jaCSS Japanese
/r/netkaiko_jpNostalgic Net
/r/OnlineStorage_jaOnline Storage
/r/PolandballJapaneseJapanese versions of the Polandball meme

Card Games





/r/hitogashinuPeople dying
/r/newslNews Lunatic


/r/appligame_jpMobile Games
/r/AssassinsCreed_JAAssassins Creed
/r/browsergame_jpBrowser Games
/r/chaos_dragonChaos Dragon
/r/citiesskylines_jaCities: Skylines (Japanese)
/r/consolegameConsole Games
/r/CubeLife_jaCube Life WiiU
/r/DarkSouls3_jaDark Souls 3
/r/dq_oheya_jaSlime Room
/r/dqx_jpDragon Quest X
/r/elona_jpElona ~Little Sister Mansion~
/r/FireEmblem_jaFire Emblem
/r/gamedev_jaGame Developing
/r/gamemusic_jpGame Music
/r/gamenews_jaGame News
/r/gameroboRobot Games
/r/Gaming_DeviceGaming Devices
/r/granbluefantasy_jaGrand Blue Fantasy
/r/gundambreaker2_jpGundam Breaker Series
/r/hortensia_sagaHortensia Saga: Blue Knights
/r/imas_jaIdol Master
/r/iosgame_jaIOS games
/r/KakugeFighting Games
/r/kancolle_jaKan Kore
/r/LP_JACollection of Game Let’s Play Videos
/r/MonsterHunter_jpMonster Hunter
/r/otogeMusic Games
/r/pcgames_jaPC Games
/r/PSO2_jpPhantasy Star Online 2
/r/retrogamejpRetro Games
/r/RolePaintRole Paint
/r/skyrimmod_jpSkyrim MODs
/r/smartphonegame_jaGames for Smart Phone
/r/StreetFighter_JPStreet Fighter
/r/TableTopGames_jaTable Top Games
/r/thelongdark_jpThe Long Dark JP
/r/touhou_jpTouhou Project
/r/treeofsavior_jpTree of Savior


/r/BayStarsYokohama Bay Stars
/r/Motorsports_jaMotorsports and Parts
/r/sumo_jaSumo wrestiling

Smartphone Games

/r/iosgame_jaios games
/r/PokemonGo_JaPokemon GO
/r/PuzzleAndDragons_jaPuzzle and Dragons
/r/smartphonegame_jaGames for Smartphones


/r/CG_jaCG (Computer graphics)
/r/Enhancement_jaReddit Enhancement Suite (ja)
/r/pilgrim_androidPilgrim for Android
/r/rv_devRV dev
/r/windowsphonejpWindows Phone Japan


/r/TVCommentators_jpTV Commentators
/r/tvdrama_jpTV Dramas
/r/TV_jaTV JP


/r/BakaNewsJPBaka News
/r/eiganewsMovie news for Japanese cinema fans
/r/energy_news_jaEnergy News
/r/GeinouNewsCelebrity News
/r/genpatuNuclear Power
/r/kenmouBreaking news
/r/kokusaijyousei_jaInternational Affairs
/r/neet4rNeet news, looks like a guy’s diary…
/r/newsgNewsG (Genuine)
/r/newsjohoNews and information
/r/newsokuBreaking news
/r/newsokucontroversialBreaking news (controversal)
/r/newsokuexBreaking news EX
/r/newsokuexpBreaking news express
/r/newsoku_jpBreaking news Japan
/r/Newsoku_LBreaking news L
/r/newsokulibertyBreak news liberty
/r/newsokurBreaking news R
/r/newsokur_BackupBreaking news Ɍ backup
/r/newsokurplusBreaking news R+
/r/newssokufBreaking news F
/r/NewsSokuhou_RBreaking news R
/r/quake_jpEarthquakes and disaster
/r/renhou_jaRussia news
/r/shikyoMarket conditions
/r/sokur2Break news 2: People with spare time
/r/tikagenronUnderground discussions
/r/newsokuBreaking news
/r/newsokuMoralBreaking news ethics/morals
/r/newsokunomoralBreaking news ethics/morals
/r/newsokurBreaking news reddit
/r/newsokurevBreaking news rev
/r/newsokuvipBreaking news VIP
/r/newssokufBreaking news F

Comedic Material

/r/antixmas_jaAnti Christmas
/r/apocalypse_jpEnd of the world/gathering for the apocalypse
/r/dam_jpRivers, lakes and dams
/r/H2GRReddit hitchhiking guide
/r/hitomozi_ja1 letter/word/kanji
/r/inbou_jaPlotting time
/r/manhole_jpA sub thread for manhole covers (yup, you read that correctly)
/r/nfja404 Not Found
/r/Ohmae_KenichiKenichi Ohmae
/r/oraoraOra Ora
/r/pseudoChinesePseudo Chinese (funny when you know kanji)
/r/washlet_jpSinks, showers and toilets…


/r/netservice_jaInternet service

Online Games

/r/Eve_jaEVE Online
/r/Fallout4_jaFallout 4
/r/GlobalOffensive_jaCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
/r/heroesofthestorm_jaHeroes of the Storm
/r/League_of_Legends_JPLeague of Legends
/r/PSO2_jpPhantasy Star Online 2
/r/starcitizen_jaStar Citizen 
/r/WoWs_jaWorld of Warships & WW II movie collections

Internet short stories

/r/NetNovel_jaInternet short stories


/r/sicp_jaSICP ja


/r/ScaryStory_JPHorror stories

Mascot characters

/r/MascotCharacter_jaMascot characters




/r/TUSOSSSankei Newspaper Fabrications


/r/100kin100 yen goods
/r/CreditCard_jpCredit cards
/r/dam_jpRivers, lakes, dams
/r/deai_konkatsu_jpDating/marriage partner site reviews
/r/Gakusei_jaSchool kids
/r/hageThe bald sub reddit
/r/interpretation_jaTranslation and interpretation
/r/kaigai_seikatsuLiving abroad
/r/karadaBody and health
/r/kojikiCrazy deals for poor people
/r/kokoroBody and soul
/r/qualification_jpQualifications and licenses
/r/Togoiryou_jpLet’s support integrative medicine!
/r/yarouLet’s do it!




/r/doraisoDoraiso (some dude’s personal reddit)


/r/jinjyaJapanese Shrines


/r/cis_jaFormer Soviet Union
/r/kokusaijyousei_jaInternational situation




/r/WriteJPN_EigoDeKakouWrite Japanese/Write English



/r/Jpn_HistoryJapanese History




/r/J_SFXSpecial Effects
/r/LP_JALet’s play video gamers
/r/Motorsports_jaMotor sports
/r/sumo_jaSumo wrestling
/r/TVCommentators_jpTV commentators
/r/tvdrama_jpTV drama

Home Electrical Products

/r/apple_jpApple products
/r/digitalcamera_jpDigital cameras
/r/kaden_jaHome electrical products
/r/PortableAV_JPPortable chargers

Reddit Browsers

/r/pilgrim_androidReddit browser for android
/r/ReddiestReddit browser for android


/r/eizoVideo production
/r/lisp_jaLISP ja
/r/MachineLearning_JPMachine learning
/r/OnlineStorage_jaOnline storage

Politics and Economics

/r/giinMembers of parliament
/r/I_am_not_AbeI am not Abe
/r/kokkaiNational Diet (legislative assembly of Japan)
/r/NMR_RThe peoples reformist movement
/r/OtakuNetouyoStudiesOtakus and online right-wingers
/r/PanamaPapers_jpPanama papers
/r/shikyoMarket conditions


/r/Cthulhu_jaCthulhu Mythos
/r/dokusyo_syoseki_rReading books
/r/jisaku_poemCreating poems
/r/narouLet’s become an author
/r/relaynovel_jaRelay novels




/r/eiganewsmovie news for Japanese cinema fans
/r/GuessTheEigaGuess the film

Morning soap opera


Combat Sport


/r/JomonJomon period
/r/Jpn_HistoryHistory of Japan
/r/SangokushiAge of the Three_Kingdoms multi-lingual
/r/sengokuWarring States period
/r/whistory_jaHistory of the western world


/r/AskReddit_law_jpAskReddit Law




/r/GirlsLove_jaGood looking girls (SFW)


/r/employee_jpA subreddit for Japanese salary men
/r/helloworkHello Work Jobs
/r/lgbt_jaLGBT Japan
/r/PanamaPapers_jpPanama Papers
/r/yoronchosaPublic opinion polls




/r/mushoku_jpUnemployed Japan

The Arts

/r/bijutsuFine arts


/r/AskReddit_jaAsk reddit!
/r/IAmA_jaIAmA(Japan) – Professionals answer questions


/r/AnimeFigures_jaAnime figures
/r/GuitarBass_JAGuitar and Bass
/r/keibaHorse racing
/r/pachinko_slotPachinko and slot machines
/r/petdaisukiPet lovers
/r/plasticmodel_jaPlastic models
/r/shogiRShogi (Japanese chess)


/r/kusosureA poop thread?!
/r/lowlevelawareLow level aware
/r/ryuseigaiThe back of leaflets
/r/ryuuseigai_jaIt’s ryuuseigai!
/r/sayjaaaaaaapSay Jaaaaaaap


/r/todayilearned_jpToday I Learned


/r/ahotalkIdiot talk
/r/BackOfLeaflet_jaBack Of Leaflet
/r/BakaNewsJPBaka news


/r/BABYMETAL_japanBaby Metal
/r/denpasongDenpa song
/r/musicmakers_jaMaking music
/r/ongakurAll types of music

Food and Drink

/r/CupNoodles_jaCup noodles
/r/drpepper_jaDr pepper
/r/FastFood_jaFast food
/r/FoodPorn_jaFood porn
/r/Geko_jpSubreddit for people who don’t drink
/r/lowpricegourmet_tokyoLow price food in Tokyo
/r/nikujagaMeat and potato stew

All in all I think there could be some gems in here that will be very useful to some of you. I haven’t checked all the threads myself though so if any are inactive or have content that isn’t appropriate then please tell me and I will remove them from this list. 

Hopefully you found this post useful and as always,

Thanks for reading!

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By Matthew Hawkins
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