How to Make SRS Sentence Flashcards Quickly and Efficiently


How to Make Sentence Flashcards Quickly


I made a video tutorial a while back on making sentence flashcards and I realised that probably not everyone here on the blog has seen it. This should be a really helpful resource for you if you are starting to learn how to use Anki for learning Japanese (or any language for that matter). There are some prerequisites you will need first to fully take advantage of this.



Making a Sentence Flashcard

  1. Make use of a dictionary or other text analysis tool that splits up words and shows you the ROOT word.
  2. Search said root word in a dictionary written in the target language.
  3. Find a definition that isn’t too difficult, copy and past it in to your open “add” tab in Anki.
  4. Use Anki‘s Japanese Support plugin (link above) to auto generate furigana for the dictionary sentence.
  5. Copy and paste the dictionary sentence into the open “edit” tab in Anki for the sentence you want to learn.
  6. Optional – Edit the code in the card type so that all flashcards automatically show furigana above the word in the “meaning” box as well as the “reading” box. (If in doubt for this last part just copy my code on-screen or from this link).
  7. Optional – Create a separate deck and call it something like “trash”. Take the remains that are left in the “add” window from when you generated furigana and just add them to this new deck. This saves you having to remove text from fields each time. You can bulk delete the contents of the deck at a later point.


Here is the video


Once you feel like you have gotten the hang of Anki, I highly recommend looking at Sentence Banks. Check out my tutorial on them here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below and I will try to answer them as best I can.

Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂

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By Matthew Hawkins