Learning Japanese 18 Months Update – Am I Fluent?

This blog post accompanies the video I put up on YouTube for my 18 months update video. If you haven’t already seen it then you can via the link below↓


The video discusses what level I am in Japanese at this current stage and what I still need to improve on. Here is a summary of the video.

Most of my success has been come from AJATT so definitely go and check the site out for more information!

My reading and listening are at a fluent level. I can understand the language with ease and I do not bump into many new words per day.

My reading is very strong. I can read over 3200 Kanji and know the meanings of many more. I can read any general purpose documents mainly focusing on news articles, books, websites etc. I can also read Software Engineering and Computer Science related material.

My listening is also very strong. I can understand the news, TV, movies, YouTube, music etc. with very few issues. Very rarely does a new word I don’t know pop up, and daily conversation is absolutely no issue for me.

My speaking is still getting there and probably needs more time to be perfected. This is to be expected as it is still early days when it comes to speaking. My speech flows and comes naturally but there are occasional mistakes. When I do make a mistake I often realize as it sounds “off”. I would like for this to not happen at all, however I realize that this is a common thing even in our native languages and I still have very few hours of Japanese when compared to a native speaker. The issue of making mistakes should occur less frequently with more input. I have 2 years left before I leave University. By this time I expect to speak like a native speaker.

My writing is perfectly fine on computers and phones as I have the help of an IME to choose the Kanji I want to type. Writing from hand though is much harder as I struggle to remember the Kanji for words in my head. Apparently this is also an issue that natives have as well but obviously not as often as me. This is something I am fixing and I hope to be able to naturally write by hand within the next year.

I don’t think I am at the same level that Khatz was at, but overall I am incredibly happy with the stage that I am at. 🙂

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By Matthew Hawkins