How to Make SRS Sentence Flashcards Quickly and Efficiently

How to Make Sentence Flashcards Quickly この投稿は日本語でもご覧いただけます。 I made a video tutorial a while back on making sentence flashcards and I realised that probably not everyone here on the blog Continue reading


Best Japanese Anki Decks

High Quality Japanese Anki Decks As I have spoken about before, Sentence Banks had one of the biggest impacts for me while learning Japanese. During my hardcore phase of learning Continue reading

Learning Japanese Entry #7 Being a Noob, How to RTK and Time-Boxing

Introduction This is entry 7 of my Learning Japanese Diary via the AJATT method. As always, the entry I made during the time of writing is below and after the Continue reading



初めて日本語の勉強をした時から一年が経ちました This post is also available in English.  はじめに これはここまでの日本語の勉強についての動画と投稿です。 初めてイマージョンを実施した一年前から、思ったより僕の日本語力が上達しました。 上にある動画はその進歩について色々話していますが今のレベルを簡単に言うとしたら、殆ど読むことが出来ます(単語は95%理解でき、5%の分からない部分は飛ばしながら読んでいます)。 Matthew HawkinsSoftware Engineer and Language Enthusiast.